Sweater Weather

Branch outside my bedroom window

Branch outside my bedroom window

So for those of you who may not know I'm an Atlanta native in all the ways that count. Though I grew up here in Georgia I like to say I'm pretty accustomed to cold weather - since my family is from the north and I still visit when I can - but the fact is that it just doesn't really get that cold here. Well, we've recently had a drop in temp the likes of which I haven't seen in my adult life (or if I did I didn't have to go anywhere so it didn't count).

Seriously guys the past two mornings it was 12 degrees and with the wind chill I think it may have been below 0. Now I have a nice, thick wool coat specifically for days like this.. But even with that I was walking around like #TooColdToLive. I mean cut a girl some slack. I have a 20 minute walk to class in the a.m. and just.. really Georgia? If there's one reason I still live in the south it's so that I don't have to deal with this kind of weather. Why you gotta do me like that. I was praying and refreshing the emergency KSU twitter all through my morning routine yesterday and but alas, no sympathy from good ole KSU.

So now I'm all snuggled in bed watching youtube videos and happy to never move again when my roommate/bffl texts me saying the magic word, "food?". My initial reaction is "BUT I"M SO COMFY UGHHH" except it's food so I'll probably get up and brave the cold cause food. I guess in the grand scheme of things it's a good problem to have really..

So in actual news, some fellow printmaking students and I formed a group to apply to Print Big by Atlanta Printmakers Studio, which is going to be at KSU this year. For those of you who are unfamiliar and don't want to bother with the link, it's pretty much what it sounds like; we'll be carving a big 4x5 ft. woodblock relief print and printing it on fabric with a steamroller. Pretty awesome right? So there's a theme each time and you have to apply with your idea and be accepted to be able to take part. Well, my group found out this week that we were accepted! So we get a giant block to carve (which is going to be blisters galore) but the results will be worth it, and I couldn't have picked a better group of girls to do this with. I'm pretty stoked! We're printing on April 18th so if you're in the area you should come by. I mean who doesn't want to watch a steamroller print a thing?

People rolling ink onto giant relief block at a previous Print Big    Image from Atlanta Printmaker's Studio

People rolling ink onto giant relief block at a previous Print Big

Image from Atlanta Printmaker's Studio

- Kelly Rose