Wrapping up Fall

So I finished my final projects for class today. I generally post some final photos of my work over on Instagram but in an attempt to get a blog going I decided I would post them over here also. Plan for this blog include process photos for my work but for now I'm just posting what I have. I had some bumps along the way when working on these but as it stands I'm pretty happy with them. I think I'll be revisiting these before the final submission for my class though.

In other news, I got some my first screens today. Two 130 yellow mesh glories from Lawsons. Feeling like a big bad screen printer now. What with being accepted to the program I decided it would be worth while to go ahead an invest in a set so I went ahead an purchased them. I already have plans to re-print some of the images from my final project (if not all of them) and I can only imagine the improvement when I use these screens instead of the school ones. Can't wait to put these babies to work!