About Me

Goal-oriented design professional and recent graduate with 3 years of print, digital and agency experience in digital marketing, social media, project management, team leadership, brand design management, and print publication design. Exceptional design skills include logo design, app design, typography, website design, interactive graphics, video filming/editing, illustration, photography, trade show promotional materials, infographics, and more.




Kelly is incredibly charming, creative, and bright. I really enjoyed working with her and hope to have the opportunity again some day. From her artistic persona she dug in to collaboration and asked meaningful questions to drive engaging content for our clients. She touched on emotional as well as intellectual cores to capture audience participation in everything she created. I enjoyed seeing campaign initiatives through her eyes and bringing that focus into reality. Key skill sets - talent- she is truly an artist, desire - she is passionate about what she creates, time management - she handled our requests while in college. That was no easy task. Kelly will thrive in a creative group of individuals, who are driven and passionate.
— Charity Ravn, Director of Consulting Services at Big Squid
Kelly is smart, flexible, creative and easy to work with. What more would you want? She has worked as an independent contractor, but should the opportunity arise, we would certainly hire her for a a permanent role.
— Mike Tyre, Managing Partner at GRM
Kelly is an amazing asset for any team. Her design abilities, artistic eye, and overall attitude are top notch. In the time I worked with Kelly, I gained 100% confidence in her ability to take ownership of a project and produce flawless work. She exceeded expectations from day one. Kelly exhibits great attention to detail, is flexible, reliable - and simply put - a joy to be around.
— Amanda Kirkland, Account Director at GRM
It is always a relief to have Kelly working on my team. From working with her for 2 years at Big Squid to having her as a freelance contractor at GRM, I would be lying if I said I won't be bringing her back. Kelly is enthusiastic, detail-oriented, and very creative. She accepts criticism and applies feedback immediately to her work and that is a necessity for anyone looking to hire creative. Kelly has my highest recommendation and will truly become an asset to any company.
— Purvi Patel, Sr. Social Media Strategist at GRM
Kelly walks in to work every day with a smile on her face, a positive attitude, and a whole new perspective on design. Needless to say, I didn’t know how necessary a reliable, efficient and skilled graphic designer is until I had the chance to work with Kelly. Kelly is everything a creative team needs in a graphic designer, and she is always eager to learn and grow. I highly recommend Kelly to any team.
— Julia Repisky, Copywriter at GRM
Kelly is by far one of the most dedicated, hard working and talented graphic designers I’ve worked with thus far. Not only is her work visually stimulating, but it’s also attention-grabbing, original, creative and impossible to ignore. Her Social graphics have helped to significantly increase engagement across all Social Media platforms for nearly all of our clients, and her attention to detail is second to none. I would strongly recommend Kelly as a wonderful artist, an enjoyable coworker and an immensely talented graphic designer.
— Haley Castillo, Director of Social Media and Content Marketing at Big Squid